How To Choose the Right Neckline, So Your Necklaces Get Their Moment

How To Choose the Right Neckline, So Your Necklaces Get Their Moment

Choosing the right jewellery to go with your outfit can be frustrating!

Welcome to Symbols of Authority's guide to necklace lengths and layering, where we break down how to become a necklace styling pro.


We have created this helpful guide to choosing the right necklace to accentuate every neckline. Once you find the perfect pairing, you will be feeling fabulous and on your way!

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What are the different types of necklines?

Ever-changing styles bring different neckline fashions to each season. Your first step in choosing the right necklace for every neckline is to know what style neckline your outfit has.

With so many different styles, this can be confusing. There are currently 18 most common necklines and many of them fall into a slightly broader category so we are going to address them (in bold) below. Read on!


Plunging Necklines

If your outfit is strapless (sweetheart, straight across, or off-shoulder), has spaghetti straps, or a queen Anne style, all styles of necklaces will complement your outfit.

If you have a longer neck and want to draw attention away from that, style a choker with your outfit. If you would like to elongate your neck, wear a longer necklace with a shiny pendant in a color that complements your outfit. 
If you are wearing a V-neck style, then you aim to repeat the style of your neckline drawing attention down to your cleavage. Again, a gorgeous pendant necklace is your go-to necklace. Aim for it to hang just a few centimetres above the “V” or centre of your cleavage.

The neckline on a sweetheart-cut outfit is stunning as is, so choose simpler jewelry to complement it. A simple choker or a gold or silver chain with a delicate drop to it will accent your collar bones even more! 


Rounded Necklines

Scoop necklines offer a beautiful window of space on your chest and many styles of necklaces can work well. Pendant necklaces at the right length hang beautifully. Volume or statement necklaces also complement this neckline!
Bateau necklines are higher in the front and the back can either also be high or be lower. If the back is lower, then consider a lariat or other necklace that will fall gracefully down your back. If the back is higher, then a choker would be a good option. If a choker is not your style, consider statement earrings and a bracelet.


Higher Cut Necklines

Square necklines are complemented by angular pendants but know that choosing a square-shaped pendant with a square neckline can be too much. Dramatic pendants can be flattering. Heirloom jewelry looks particularly stunning with a square neckline. 
Cowl necklines are complemented most by shorter pendants or small chokers. Imagine adding a tiny bit of sparkle behind the neckline. Highneck, Halter, and Turtlenecks are the opposite and call for a statement necklace! Bring on the glamour and longer lengths!
Jewel necklines work well with a bib or statement necklace. Sabrina necklines are paired with a small dainty pendant or no necklace. Accessorize with some beautiful earrings or a statement ring!
If a necklace feels like too much with your higher cut necklines, you can always forego one altogether and choose to accessorize with gorgeous earrings.




Special Necklines


Asymmetric necklines are fun and best styled with a shorter pendant necklace with some sparkle! Illusion necklines are a style all by themselves so instead of choosing a necklace, adorn your wrists with stunning bracelets or choose statement earrings! The same goes for the gorgeous Grecian neckline!

When choosing the right necklace for every neckline, be sure to consider the occasion. The fancier the event then the more glamorous the choice of jewelry!

At SOA, we love to help style your jewelry for a special event or just to add to your personal collection. Browse our gallery today!

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