About Our Brand

SYMBOLS OF AUTHORITY pieces are inspired by antiquity, art & nature in the every day. At the heart of SOA lies an irreverence, a belief that fashion is intrinsically fun and life is the occasion. 

Our founder built the brand to translate her interest in art, history and politics into wearable art. Handcrafted in India, the designs pay tribute to everything from ancient symbology, architecture, African flora & fauna to distinctive pre-colonial art & sculpture .

She is an autodidact jeweller and designer with over 10 years experience as an award-winning fashion entrepreneur. Her trademark style is statement making, culturally aware,  intentional and feminine. She wants women to feel extraordinary and powerful in her pieces.  SOA jewellery is amazing quality jewellery destined to be perennial favourites in your wardrobe.

At SOA we believe that more is more, and we love to celebrate maximalist women who don't believe in trends, but understand that glamorous statement jewelry that elevate any look will ALWAYS be worth it. 



Symbols of Authority is an independent, small-batch jewellery company specialising in every day, statement jewellery.

Our founder draws on her heritage and diverse experiences to create striking, architectural jewellery inspired by antiquity, art, architecture and ancient monarchies, offering versatile, high quality, everyday luxury to women worldwide.

Our jewellery is created from semi precious metals that are sourced internationally and cut to our own specifications.

Each piece in our collection corresponds to a specific art movement or interprets the codes and ideas of antique myths and monarchies.

Every piece is designed with beautiful imperfections that make them completely unique. Expect high glamour, sophistication, with more than a little joy.


Small Batch 

Pieces are made in small batch runs, & are available until sold out. Restocks are limited and based on overwhelming demand.

Pocket Friendly

SYMBOLS OF AUTHORITY believes every woman deserves her daily dose of statement making luxury without choosing between high quality, statement design and accessible pricing.

Minimal Packaging

SYMBOLS OF AUTHORITY upholds a ‘less is more’ policy, pieces will be packaged appropriately to ensure safe travels.

Consciously Created

Designed in Toronto and made in India. We work closely with our global team of craftspeople to ensure our pieces are manufactured responsibly.

Contact Us

Email: concierge [at]  symbolsofauthority dot com