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Symbols of Authority

Funke x SOA Statement Ring

Funke x SOA Statement Ring

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SOA stands for Symbols of Authority

Inspired by the Bini ceremonial swords, artistic touches like the delicate hammered effect make Symbols of Authority's pieces unique. The luminous 18K gold finish and arresting design of the Funke Statement ring, complete the picture of ancient strength and power.

Wear them across both hands, playing around with the fingers you have them on.


About the Kingdom + Culture Collection

Inspired by the traditional symbols of power and authority of the ancient Bini kingdom, traditionally carried by the Oba. All chiefs may carry the Eben, but the ADA( which is the superior emblem and takes precedence wherever it appears over the Eben) can only be possessed by specific chieftancy titles which are collectively referred to as the EGIE ADA.

This collection, with its traditional symbols and modern interpretation of historical themes , invites you to explore and discover the culture of the Bini kingdom, one of the most powerful and advanced pre-colonial kingdoms in the world.


  • Designed in Toronto, Canada and  handcrafted in Jaipur, India. 
  • The  ring feature the  etched and hammered swords 'Eben & Ada' symbol signifying the Ceremonial Swords that make a statement.
  • Composition: 18k micron plated brass

About the Brand

Symbols of Authority is a brand focused on jewelry & objets d'art inspired by antiquity, mythology, contemporary art and ancient monarchies. The line, which boasts a large range of global, ethical & fair trade manufactured earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and homeware for the modern woman. Diversity in design, quality and affordability are what make the line so coveted. The #SOASIREN is unapologetically bold, whether it's at a party, out with friends or in the boardroom.

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