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Symbols of Authority

KO x Idia Silhouette Bar Earrings

KO x Idia Silhouette Bar Earrings

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The Idia Silhouette Bar Earrings  is made from 18K micron gold plated brass, designed in Toronto and  handcrafted in Jaipur, India. 

 Cascading to a jaw-grazing length, their dramatic silhouette will frame your face beautifully.  Lightweight considering the generous size, so you can wear them easily all day or night.

  • The  earrings feature a shoulder sweeping bar and an etched and hammered stylized Idia mask in silhouette
  • Butterfly fastening for pierced ears
  • Composition: 18k micron plated brass
  • Weight: 20.82g



Featuring a stylized,  modern take on the commemorative masks of iyobas - specifically of Queen Idia. These earrings celebrate the courageous Iyoba Idia who hailed from the Kingdom of Benin during the 16th century (now in modern day Nigeria).  


In the Benin kingdom, the Iyoba, or mother of the oba (king), occupies an important and historically significant place in Benin's feudal hierarchy. The title was first conferred upon Idia, the mother of Oba Esigie, who used her political skill to save her son's kingdom from disintegration in the late fifteenth century. Ever since then, queen mother became a title in and of itself and regarded as a  symbol of protection of their sons,  the Obas and, by extension, the kingdom itself.  The heads of queen mothers are distinguished from those of kings by the forward-pointing peaks of their coral-encrusted crowns. 

This collection, with its traditional symbols and modern interpretation of historical themes , invites you to explore and discover the culture of the Bini kingdom, one of the most powerful and advanced pre-colonial kingdoms in the world


About the Brand

Symbols of Authority is a brand focused on jewelry & objets d'art inspired by antiquity, mythology, contemporary art and ancient monarchies. The line, which boasts a large range of global, ethical & fair trade manufactured earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and homeware for the modern woman. Diversity in design, quality and affordability are what make the line so coveted. The #SOASIREN is unapologetically bold, whether it's at a party, out with friends or in the boardroom.

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