From Low-Key to Look-at-Me: Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts to Give In 2023

From Low-Key to Look-at-Me: Valentines Day Jewellery Gifts to Give In 2023

Love Is The Occasion

What better opportunity than now to BOLDLY express appreciation to yourself? We're not talking about billboard announcements here, but SOA statement pieces.

Now is the time to treat yourself! Take a look at our Valentine's Day favourites for this year.



You deserve to be treated like the queen that you are, and what better way to do so than with the Ruyi x Idia Drop Earrings? The Ruyi x Idia Drop Earrings are inspired by Benin Kingdom's fearless Queen Idia. They are handcrafted to perfection from 18k Gold plated Brass, hand etched and hammered, and are inspired by Queen Idia's legendary mask.


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Are you planning a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day? We think the Idia Silhouette Bar Earrings are perfect for an eternally stylish 'fit , and Kelly Rowland definitely agrees! Treat yourself to some self-love, and remind your lover how fortunate they are to have you.

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Thought of canceling V-Day? You don’t have to, love. Whether you're in a situationship or a single (but very lovely) Pringle, the Bonoselulu Triple Hoop Earrings and the Oloyede Necklace are exactly what you need to show yourself some love. Trust us when we say these pieces are worth it!

Put a Ring On It!

No, not them-  YOU. Put a ring on it and treat yourself to this stunning jewellery piece. Great for a gift from your partner (subtle hint) or a  Galentine's gift for your BFF. Like the Funke Statement Ring, remind yourself and your loved ones that you are unique.


One Of One


You are not prepared for how in love you’re about to fall with yourself in the Rotimi Gele Charm Bracelet. If you’re looking for a piece that’s both creative and one-of-a-kind, this is it! This bracelet is a must-have to spice up your jewellery collection. So, go for it!


It's fine to play it safe as long as you’re not boring with it. Any piece from the KHERE collection is ideal for gifting a friend, especially if you're worried about getting the wrong present. They are the daintiest statements yet, with subtle yet striking designs, and would be greatly appreciated. We call them “small but mighty.”


There you have it—our top Valentine's Day picks.  If these pieces aren't just what you're looking for, be sure to browse our website for more ideas until you find the perfect jewellery present (Because we're sure you will.)

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