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Symbols of Authority

6 WEEK PREORDER - The N Cowrie Leopard Drop Earrings

6 WEEK PREORDER - The N Cowrie Leopard Drop Earrings

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The N Leopard Cowrie Drop earrings features the leopard that is extensively represented in Bini royal art. Crafted from 18k micron plated brass, the stylised leopard dangles from a delicately wrought rope hoop and has cowries for a whimsical finish. Wear yours with a tee and denim to keep the focus on the earrings. The large size makes a bold statement, so keep other jewellery to a minimum.

Product Details

  • The  earrings feature a bold hoop and a stylised gold leopard
  • Butterfly fastening for pierced ears
  • Composition: 18k micron plated brass


The Kingdom and Culture Collection 

The History: The Leopard in Bini Symbology

The Oba is often metaphorically referenced as “the leopard of the palace,” and leopard imagery and symbology is rife in ancient Benin art and storytelling. Prior to the British Punitive Expedition and violent invasion in 1897, domesticated leopards were kept in the palace to demonstrate the Oba’s dominion over the wilderness. Linked to the Oba’s military might in Bini mythology, the leopard is celebrated for the balance between his strength and his reserve and moderation as a leader and as a symbol of justice. The leopard symbolizes the complete harmony between two compelling forces – the menacing and the moderating – that, in Benin, it is believed  every ideal Oba should possess

The History: The Cowrie in West African History

Cowries were used for centuries as currency by native Africans  In Ghana, the national currency is the cedi, which is the Akan (Twi) word for “cowrie”. It also has significant spiritual, symbolic and cultural value, even to present day. The Yoruba, for example, use sixteen cowries in their Merindinlogun divination to ask the Orisha spirits for advice. Some use the cowries in conjunction with — or instead of. According to a Hausa saying: “Whoever is patient with a cowrie shell will one day have thousands of them”.

    About the Brand

    Symbols of Authority is a brand focused on jewelry & objets d'art inspired by antiquity, mythology, contemporary art and ancient monarchies. The line, which boasts a large range of global, ethical & fair trade manufactured earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and homeware for the modern woman. Diversity in design, quality and affordability are what make the line so coveted. The #SOASIREN is unapologetically bold, whether it's at a party, out with friends or in the boardroom.



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